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Image Description: it's a banner image. The image consists of two words printed in black text, Weekend (written in italic cursive with a streak of light blue across the word like a highlighter) and Notes (written in capitals)
Weekend Notes Articles:
~Yoyogi Japanese Restaurant
~How to get to IKEA (Richmond) by Public Transport
~Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar
~Ballarat Steakhouse
~Getting to the State Library of Victoria by Public Transport (and What to Do When You’re There)
~The Ballarat Wildlife Park
~Lazy Moe’s Restaurant – Melton
~Beechworth Bakery – Bendigo
~The Rose Garden Coffee House – Cowra
~Driving from Victoria to Queensland
~CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility – The Parkes Radio Telescope Observatory
~Bacchus Thai Restaurant
~Rice Paper Vietnamese Restaurant
~How to Use Public Transport to Get to Universities in Melbourne
~Guide to Sovereign Hill – Ballarat
~Lygon Charcoal Grill and Steakhouse Restaurant
~Damso Factory Korean Restaurant

Image Description: a banner image. The image contains the text, where the recipe part is displayed in black serif-text, almost like text from a typewriter and the yum part is in pink sans-serif italic text. Underneath recipe and yum, there is a black curving line and next to the word yum is the logo, which is the black silhouette of the nib of a fountain pen, within the black nib of the fountain pen is a white fork.
RecipeYum Articles:
~Minestrone Soup
~Basic Scones
~Chocolate-Chip Biscuits
~Basic Muffins
~How to Cook Steak for Multiple People
~Devil’s Food Cake
~Shortbread Biscuits
~Plum Cobbler

These are articles I have written, they work on a pay-per-click system, they require a large amount of clicks to generate revenue, so I would appreciate it if readers could do so (every click helps).