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Image Description: a banner image for the Tumblr Blog Stim Toy Box. The background is multicoloured diagonal streaks, with ‘Stim Toy Box’ in white text in the middle. At either end of the banner are two bears, on the left side is a yellow-coloured bear wearing a fishing hat, the yellow bear is holding a blue-fish and has a bucket beside them. On the right side of the banner is a dark-brown bear, in a sitting position, the dark-brown bear is holding a white and green jar closely and is wearing a rainbow-coloured helicopter hat positioned on one ear at a jaunty angle.

If you follow me on other social media platforms, particularly my Tumblr blog and my Twitter profile, you will notice that I reblog and retweet posts about stim toys. While stim toys (particularly Fidgets) are something I have an interest in; Ambiguous Pieces isn’t a blog primarily focused on stim toys. I get the vast majority of my stim toy recommendations and information from Stim Toy Box, which is run by K.A., my amazing friend who I met through my Professional Writing and Editing course.

K.A. has set up this brilliant Tumblr-blog about Stim Toys. It has a detailed Tags list of all the blog-posts that feature various stim toys available. For example: Perhaps, like me, you’re primarily interested in Fidget stim toys, BAM! There’s an entire section dedicated to Tactile Fidget Stim Toys. Or perhaps you’re interested in a particular type of stim toy, like the various Tangle Jr. items available, BAM! There’s a Tangle Section as well. K. A. has put in a phenomenal amount of effort into the categorising system and corresponding links. The blog also has a clean and simple layout, which makes it relatively easy to read and navigate.

So, if you’re interested in stim toys and want to find out more information, I highly recommend Stim Toy Box, I shall provide ALL the links:

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