Autism Acceptance Month: Links

Image Description: a rainbow dragon coiled around itself in pounce-position, looking as though it's about to take off. Just a short Link-post today about Autism Acceptance Month. You might be expecting me to explain what Autism Acceptance Month and #LightItUpRed or #RedInstead is about, however, I figured it would be better for those explanations to … Continue reading Autism Acceptance Month: Links

My Treasure Chest – Part 2: A Study in Pink

Before I begin, I would like readers to check out these links first as I’ll be using these posts as references: ~Eldritch Esoterica: ‘Fuzzy Coin Purse’ and ‘Fuzzy Pencil Case’ made by Yoobi ~Eldritch Esoterica: Hairy Tangle ~Eldritch Esoterica: Two Worm-like Stuffed Plushies ~Eldritch Esoterica: Squishy Plastic Bath Toys ~Eldritch Esoterica: A Horde of Telephone … Continue reading My Treasure Chest – Part 2: A Study in Pink