Book Review: Giant Days – Volume 13 by John Allison

Image Description: the book-cover of Giant Days - Volume 13 by John Allison Title: Giant Days, Vol. 13 Creators: John Allison (Writer), Max Sarin (Cover Art and Penciller), Whitney Cogar (Colorist) Social Media: Goodreads Publisher: BOOM! Box Format and Price: Kindle format at $15.47 Stars: 5 stars out of 5 About The Creators: The relevant … Continue reading Book Review: Giant Days – Volume 13 by John Allison

Quarterly Goals: July – September 2018

Image Description: an illustrated picture, the background of the picture is a peacock-blue, while the foreground is dominated by the image of an archery target-stand with three arrows lodged within a series of aiming-circles printed on the target stand. Quarterly Goals: ~Write one Stim Toy Review post per month (try to post on a Monday) … Continue reading Quarterly Goals: July – September 2018