Writing Update: A Request for Beta Readers

I'm going to be honest, my writing isn't doing well these days, I just... feel really lost and meh about pretty much everything related to Novel Writing. I'm considering taking Canis Major down from Smashwords, I probably should have done this already, but everything feels overwhelmingly difficult right now. The idea of committing to another … Continue reading Writing Update: A Request for Beta Readers

The Beautiful Books #23: March 2017

Welcome to another installment of The Beautiful Books, where I bather on about my current WIP Novel Project, which would be Orion - Volume II in the Pushing Boundaries series (yeah, I know, it says Scorpius is the title of Volume II on the Pushing Boundaries link page, clearly I need to change that, Scorpius … Continue reading The Beautiful Books #23: March 2017

Beautiful Books ~ 2017 Writing Goals

Image Description: A close up picture of a type-writer with the heading of "beautiful books: a link up for writers" up the top of the image. At the bottom of the image is the website urls for Paper Fury and Further Up and Further In What were your writing achievements last year? ~Self-published my first … Continue reading Beautiful Books ~ 2017 Writing Goals