Guilty Pleasures

Warning: Today's post is going to involve Feminism and ranting about Misogyny and The Patriarchy. Also this is going to be a long post I would also like to recommend reading this blog-post first before reading mine (just for establishing context): Queer Without Gender - That thing we don't talk about: Sex by K. A. … Continue reading Guilty Pleasures

Inclusion and Exclusion

Father of UCSB Shooting Victim: "When Will This Insanity Stop?" As you can probably tell from the above links, there has been another American University Shooting, the fact that I can say "another" with such causality is truly disturbing, however, that's another topic and I don't want to get side-tracked. The shooter of this … Continue reading Inclusion and Exclusion

The Alpha Bitch

The focus of today's blog-post is Abusive behaviour, Bullying/Harassment and the practice of Social Shamming girls, women, femmes and female-perceived people by other women. Allow me to introduce the most prominent and most misogynistic Feminine Writing Trope in the History of Art and Media, The Alpha Bitch. Connotation: A narcissistic bully who uses abusive behaviour … Continue reading The Alpha Bitch