The Twilight School: Bruno's Farewell

Before I begin, I recommend reading these articles first to provide context: ~Hard days of not working by Barry Garner ~Article: Hello, You Beautiful Creature, Barry Garner ~Letter: Flows of Bruno Emotion, Bruno Lettieri ~Letter: Twixt Light and Dark, Marisa Spiller ~Gallery: Farewell to Bruno! ~Queer Without Gender: Survival of Naming by K. A. Cook … Continue reading The Twilight School: Bruno's Farewell

The Editing Process of Self-Publishing

This year, to complete my Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries, I enrolled in the core unit of Studio Project 1 and Studio Project 2 (it’s the same subject, just continued through both semesters). Now the objective of Studio Project 1 and 2 is to complete a project and present that project by the end of … Continue reading The Editing Process of Self-Publishing