VidCon Australia 2017

Ticket Categories: ~Community ~Creator ~Industry Cost: Community Ticket = AU $125.00 Duration: 08/09/2017 – 10/09/2017 Schedule: The Agenda Community Events I’ve Attended: Saturday 09/09/2017: ~Crafting a Community Image Description: a large display screen with five circles featuring picture-icons, from left to right: Stephanie Patrick, Jake Bley, Matthew Patrick, Danielle Mansutti and Tyler Oakley Image Description: … Continue reading VidCon Australia 2017

Technical Difficulties – 2nd Edition

Image Description: a "Very Demotivational" meme, which is a picture of a panda trapped on a branch, with a black border around the picture with white-text captioning down the bottom of the picture: "Technical Difficulties: We has them..." I've been thinking of starting up (surprise, surprise!) another writing project, the big problem is that I'm … Continue reading Technical Difficulties – 2nd Edition

The First Date Book-Tag

Image Description: a red circular table with a red heart-shaped-box of chocolates next to a small red square-shaped glass-vase with pink and white roses inside the vase. I've been in a Reading Slump for a while now, which has resulted in me developing the habit of lurking on YouTube and watching videos of books I'll … Continue reading The First Date Book-Tag