Havering: End of Year Survey for 2016

Image Description: a picture of an open book with red and yellow string in the shape of a heart Number Of Books You Read: 16 out of 20 Number of Re-Reads: 2 Genre You Read The Most From: IDK, my list for this year is a bit all over the shop Best Books of 2016: … Continue reading Havering: End of Year Survey for 2016

The Editing Process of Self-Publishing

This year, to complete my Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries, I enrolled in the core unit of Studio Project 1 and Studio Project 2 (it’s the same subject, just continued through both semesters). Now the objective of Studio Project 1 and 2 is to complete a project and present that project by the end of … Continue reading The Editing Process of Self-Publishing

Editing Organisations

As I'm a writer living in Victoria and occasionally receive editing opportunities, I figured I'd post up some links to a few editing associations: The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) IP Ed Editors Victoria How To Join: ~It depends on what type of membership you want and the level of qualifications and experience you … Continue reading Editing Organisations