Resources: Rape Culture – An Introduction

From my own perspective, one of the many aspects of Feminism is deconstructing and removing The Patriarchy from The World. Hopefully this will ultimately lead to dismantling and removing the harmful elements of society, such as Rape Culture, that are enforced by The Patriarchy and other Discrimination Hierarchies. But what is Rape Culture? After all, … Continue reading Resources: Rape Culture – An Introduction

Book Review: Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

TRIGGER WARNING: The following review contains discussion of rape/sexual assault and child molestation, please don't read if those topics upset you or make you feel uncomfortable. Title: Bitten Author: Kelley Armstrong Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Publisher: Little Brown Book Group Price: $11.99 (e-Book) Rating: 1 star out of 5 About The Author: Kelley Armstrong … Continue reading Book Review: Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Guilty Pleasures

Warning: Today's post is going to involve Feminism and ranting about Misogyny and The Patriarchy. Also this is going to be a long post I would also like to recommend reading this blog-post first before reading mine (just for establishing context): Queer Without Gender - That thing we don't talk about: Sex by K. A. … Continue reading Guilty Pleasures

Inclusion and Exclusion

Father of UCSB Shooting Victim: "When Will This Insanity Stop?" As you can probably tell from the above links, there has been another American University Shooting, the fact that I can say "another" with such causality is truly disturbing, however, that's another topic and I don't want to get side-tracked. The shooter of this … Continue reading Inclusion and Exclusion

The Alpha Bitch

The focus of today's blog-post is Abusive behaviour, Bullying/Harassment and the practice of Social Shamming girls, women, femmes and female-perceived people by other women. Allow me to introduce the most prominent and most misogynistic Feminine Writing Trope in the History of Art and Media, The Alpha Bitch. Connotation: A narcissistic bully who uses abusive behaviour … Continue reading The Alpha Bitch

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

This is more of a response to critical reviews of The Hobbit DOS than the movies themselves Yes, I know this has probably been done to death, but please bear with me. Unfortunately, I have the inability to let things go, especially if they concern Book-to-Movie adaptations (in general) and The Hobbit + The Lord of … Continue reading The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug