The First Date Book-Tag

Image Description: a red circular table with a red heart-shaped-box of chocolates next to a small red square-shaped glass-vase with pink and white roses inside the vase. I've been in a Reading Slump for a while now, which has resulted in me developing the habit of lurking on YouTube and watching videos of books I'll … Continue reading The First Date Book-Tag

The To-Be-Read Pile: Unfinished Business

Before I begin my post, I'd like to recommend reading this post first: Paper Fury: Why It's Perfectly Acceptable to Have an Enormous TBR Pile Now, on with the post! As I've stated repeatedly, I've gotten myself into a reading slump, I kinda figured I'd take the "first step to recovering from a problem is … Continue reading The To-Be-Read Pile: Unfinished Business