Stim Toy Review: Squishable Pig

Image Description: The background is a navy blue couch with an alternating pattern of dark yellow fleur-de-lis pattern and a maroon red pattern. In the foreground a small squishable pig, it's lying flat on the surface of the couch-cushion (it doesn't have any legs), it has small brown sections on its head that resembles ears, … Continue reading Stim Toy Review: Squishable Pig

Stim Toy Review: Galaxy Pig

Image Description: a blue-and-purple squishy object in the shape of a pig's head. The ears, eyes, and snout are black and there are white specks of paint spattered all over the pig's head to give the illusion of stars. The pig's head is resting on top of a red-and-yellow swirl-design couch Image Description: a blue-and-purple … Continue reading Stim Toy Review: Galaxy Pig

Stim Toy Review: Galaxy Apple

Image Description: a clear plastic-bag with a red-outline around the bag. Up the top of the bag are Japanese hiragana, the word ringo (which translates to apple), underneath the hiragana symbols is the English word "APPLE". Inside the plastic bag, a large apple with a spectrum of colour, it ranges from dark-blue at the bottom, … Continue reading Stim Toy Review: Galaxy Apple

Stim Toy Review: Squishy Rainbow Cake

Image Description: a triangular slice of white layer-cake with rainbow-coloured layers (pink, orange yellow, light blue, purple) with a layer of multi-coloured sprinkles on top of the cake. Item: Squishy Rainbow Cake, dimensions are 14 x 9 x 8 cm, here's a picture for scale: Image Description: the background is a mottled-pink door, in the … Continue reading Stim Toy Review: Squishy Rainbow Cake

My Treasure Chest – Part 4: The Sum of Our Parts

Image Description: a small blue and silver chest with a handle and silver press-studs along the edge of the box on both sides. On the main body of the chest is silver designs and silver Asian-style Dragons in flight against a blue-fabric background. Unfortunately, I've kind of fallen behind with My Treasure Chest series and … Continue reading My Treasure Chest – Part 4: The Sum of Our Parts