Stim Toy Collections: Bouncy Balls

Image Description: a large close-up image of a rock collection. The rock collection is has a lot of small rocks in different shapes and multiple colours, although it could be argued that there are a lot of rocks in various shades of blue. I had noticed that on Stim Toy Box, there have been more recent … Continue reading Stim Toy Collections: Bouncy Balls

Stim Toy Review: Stretchy Squish Balls

Item: Stretchy Squish Balls Category: Review/Feedback Cost: US $1.80 x 2 = US $3.60 (Shipping Fees: US $8.80) = US $12.40 or (at time of conversion) AU $16.52 Date of Purchase: 17/07/2017 Date of Delivery: 29/07/2017 Store: Stimtastic (currently sold out) Store Location: USA - online Review: I enjoy bouncy balls, I have a large … Continue reading Stim Toy Review: Stretchy Squish Balls

Stim Toy Review: Unexpected Surprises

Image Description: from left to right, a robin's egg blue gift box wrapped with robin's egg blue ribbon, a pink gift box with navy blue ribbon tied around it, a light-pink polka-dotted-box with dark-pink ribbon tied in a bow on top This year I'm going to attempt to write one Stim Toy Review per month, … Continue reading Stim Toy Review: Unexpected Surprises