Stim Toy Collection: Tangle Jr

Image Description: a large close-up image of a rock collection. The rock collection is has a lot of small rocks in different shapes and multiple colours, although it could be argued that there are a lot of rocks in various shades of blue. Today I wanted to do a post about my collection of Tangle … Continue reading Stim Toy Collection: Tangle Jr

Stim Toy Review: Zuru Tangle

Image Description - Crazy: a red cardboard packet with the following text on it: “Zuru Tangle – Twist, Shape, Fidget”. Beneath the main title, there’s a subtitle “Crazy” (the subtitle indicates which type of Tangle it is), there is also a transparent window in the centre of the packet displaying a red-pink-blue-clear textured Tangle. Image … Continue reading Stim Toy Review: Zuru Tangle