Smoke and Mirrors: The Distorted Views of Self-Publishing

Before I begin, I recommend reading these articles as today's post is going to be a response post with all of them: Why I Don't Generally Recommend Self-Publishing To Beginners - Fantasy Faction For me, traditional publishing means poverty. But self-publish? No way by Ros Barber Should You Self-Publish Your First Book? by Adam Smiley … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors: The Distorted Views of Self-Publishing

Blogging For Writers by Robin Houghton

Title: Blogging For Writers Author: Robin Houghton Social Media: Google+ and Twitter Publisher: Ilex Press Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Source: This book was provided by Collins Booksellers - Bacchus Marsh About The Author: Robin Houghton has worked in digital media for the last 15 years, helping hundreds of business owners to adopt effective … Continue reading Blogging For Writers by Robin Houghton

NaNoWriMo Conclusions: Inspiration

My one of my biggest problems when it comes to writing, other than my ability to focus and concentrate on a task for long periods of time, is my inability to stop thinking. My brain is constantly coming up with new ideas for story ideas, and this might sound like a boon for a Writer, … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Conclusions: Inspiration

Platform 16

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, come one and all! With great pride and trepidation, I present to you the digital edition of Platform Magazine, Volume 16: VU_ePLATFORM 16 The amazing K. A. Cook and Emaunel Cachia have led an awesome team of Editors into the arena of Publishing and have come out victorious, Victorious I say! … Continue reading Platform 16

False Idols and Lost Prophets

Regular readers of my blog (just in case you're not figments of my imagination) may have noticed my slight obsession with The Daily Show, especially John Oliver. Yes, I do indeed harbor a a small amount of admiration for The Daily Show team, Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert FAKIN' IT! - How The Daily Show … Continue reading False Idols and Lost Prophets

Writer's Block

While I'm not a fan of "Eat, Pray, Love", I do enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talks on Writing I do enjoy the line, "So John, suffering from Engineer's Block?", and I suppose it's because the line contains so much truth to it. No other occupation outside the Creative Industry suffers from a sudden inability … Continue reading Writer's Block

Playing God

The terrible and wonderful thing about fan-fiction is that you can play pretend with someone else's already established world, someone else's already established characters (with or without detailed tragic back-stories) and the best part? If you screw it up, it doesn't matter, you can just delete the story or chapter and try again. I rediscovered … Continue reading Playing God

Novel Research: Scotland

Scotland is a fascinating country, but it has also confused me a little. I've always thought that Scotland was very much like Australia, in that it has political ties to United Kingdom and the British Crown but is an independent country. Apparently it's more complicated than that. Sure, it has it's own language Gaelic (which … Continue reading Novel Research: Scotland