PSA For Indie Authors – Part 3: Genres and Cover-art

This post is about self-promotion and marketing for Beginner Writers who want to write Genre Fiction or Genre novels, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, fair enough, feel free to pass on this post. This post will be covering basic tips and advice so this post may come across as stating the obvious, however, … Continue reading PSA For Indie Authors – Part 3: Genres and Cover-art

The Beautiful Books #25: June

Image Description: an image of a white notepad with light-blues with a dark-blue pen. At the top of the picture is text in dark-blue, “beautiful people for writers”. Down the bottom of the picture is text in dark-blue, "hosted by and" Another monthly update on my Pushing Boundaries WIP Novel Project. I'm going … Continue reading The Beautiful Books #25: June

Book Review: Reading Like A Writer by Francine Prose

Title: Reading Like A Writer Author: Francine Prose Social Media: Facebook and Goodreads Publisher: Union Books Rating: 3 out of 5 Source: Supplied by Collins Booksellers - Bacchus Marsh About The Author: Francine Prose (born in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American novelist. She graduated from Radcliffe College in 1968, and received a … Continue reading Book Review: Reading Like A Writer by Francine Prose

Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo begins on the 1st of April, which means I'm going to be MIA for the next month while I attempt to write 50 000 words towards my Pushing Boundaries manuscript, a project I plan to have finished writing, edited and ready for publishing by the end of the University semester (I'm hoping for … Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2016

NaNoWriMo 2015: Plotting and Scheming

With only one day left to Plot, Scheme and Outline, I though perhaps a possibly useful list of Links for anyone as unorganized as myself might be a good idea. Now, I must confess, I started out as a Pantser, however I soon learned the error of my ways as I never actually got around … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2015: Plotting and Scheming

NaNoWriMo 2015: The Beautiful Books

How did you come up with the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea? I came up with the idea of this Novel a while ago. The idea process is a little complicated, so please have patience with me. The novel idea in question being a journalist that solves crimes … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2015: The Beautiful Books

Book Review: Don't Fear the Reaper – Why Every Author Needs an Editor by Blake Atwood

Title: Don't Fear the Reaper: Why Every Author Needs an Editor Author: Blake Atwood Social Media: Facebook and Twitter Publisher: AtWords Press Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Source: This book was provided by Story Cartel About The Author: Blake Atwood is an editor, author, and ghostwriter with He's written Don't Fear the Reaper: … Continue reading Book Review: Don't Fear the Reaper – Why Every Author Needs an Editor by Blake Atwood

Writing Resources: Self-Publishing

I was supposed to post up this blog-post hours ago, but I got distracted by Pinterest, and yeah I know I should try harder to fight my procrastination impulses. However, just in case anyone is curious as to what the hell snickerdoodle cookies are (and yes those are a real thing), now you know (and … Continue reading Writing Resources: Self-Publishing

Come Together

I found this picture on Facebook through my various contacts: If you live in Victoria (Australia) please get involved, Sherryl Clark knows what she's talking about, I can't recommend her enough. However, this picture did inspire an idea. While I'm aware that NaNoWriMo will have group meet-ups scheduled, however because my lack there-of a driver's … Continue reading Come Together